Captura de pantalla 2016-05-27 a las 10.59.19 a.m.Recognizing that Valley Ear, Nose and Throat would give him the opportunity to bring his skills, training and experience to people who really need it, especially here in the RGV where the people are highly underserved, Dr. Simon Milov joined VENT in April 2013. He recalls being impressed with the excellent, and necessary, communication and understanding among the physicians that allows them to bring the ultimate level of care and latest medical innovations to their patients.

Healthy Valley is proud to bring to you Dr. Simon Milov, who took the time to talk with us about his work at Valley Ear, Nose and Throat.

After graduation from one of the best ENT residencies in the US, Dr. Milov specializes in Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery with facial plastics and reconstruction. “Otolaryngology is one of the few surgical specialties requiring plasticity in the way the doctor approaches disease. There is no place for concrete thinking,” says Dr. Milov. In terms of surgical skills, Dr. Milov’s specialty is actually a combination of several surgical specialties that include vascular surgery, neurosurgery, general and endoscopic surgeries and plastics.

We, at Valley Ear, Nose and Throat have   a really wide spectrum of treatments and procedures thanks to the expertise of our physicians and availability of advanced medical equipment. For the convenience and best medical care for our patients, in our office we are able to perform minor surgical in-office interventions, balloon sinuplasty with navigation equipment for better  precision and confirmation.  For the face and body we offer many surgical and non-surgical procedures including liposuction, blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery) and non-surgical facelift with ultherapy, which is the only FDA approved technology for face and neck skin tightening. It’s important for people to know that the need to go for medical help in the bigger cities is over. We can do them here in the Valley in our VENT office.


Recently we decided to improve and extend our facial plastics and aesthetic department. We invested in new technology and recent innovative skincare such as products based on nano technology and stem cells. Technology-wise, as mentioned previously, Ultherapy, the only FDA approved device for non-surgical face and neck skin lifting, also new and painless hair removal laser, and laser for tattoo removal. There is no need for people to waste their time traveling out of Valley for these types of procedures; patients can be assured that they will receive the same level of care, and often better, right here at VENT, and save time and money by staying here at home.


It is an unbelievable feeling when somebody’s life is saved from cancer because of the medical care I’ve been able to provide or when a procedure was able to rid a patient of a problem that he or she had been suffering from for years. It’s also quite rewarding when somebody, man or woman, leaves our office feeling even more handsome or beautiful than ever before.

When You Are Planning A Cosmetic Procedure Or Intervention, It Is Not Supposed To Be Drastic. The Goal Should Be Not To Impress Somebody But To Make Yourself Feel And Look Better And Continue Being Yourself So That People Who See You After Your Procedure Say Something Like, “There Is Something Different About You. I Cannot Say What. Have You Fallen In Love?”